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A patient may present with very crooked teeth that have been chipped due to years of wear from an improper bite. The result can be unattractive teeth of different size, shape and color. Other patients present with one or more missing tooth. Orthodontic alignment of teeth in these situations simply cannot obtain the best results without the assistance of other dental disciplines to restore the teeth to optimally enhance the smile.

Image of Dr. Miller giving a patient high-five.
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We are fortunate that in our community there are many outstanding cosmetic and restorative dentists as well as the complete array of dental specialists. Over the past 25 years we have worked with literally hundreds of different dentist. Our job as your orthodontist is to “quarterback” the treatment by coordinating the specifics of your treatment with your dentist and any other specialist involved. We pride our self in having excellent communication that results in your treatment progressing smoothly and keeping your treatment on schedule.
Dr Robert Miller is a leader of one of the first “Spear” Study Clubs in Virginia. For the past 4 years He has attended numerous meetings with select restorative dentists in our area as well as other specialists. He takes great pride in working as a team member to provide the best possible care to more complex cases.

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