We use the latest and greatest.

Our Doctors use the latest orthodontic technologies designed to produce the most efficient and pain free experience. We take great pride in providing you with the most state of the art orthodontic devices and techniques available today. Some of the exciting new technologies include the Esprit ™ Class II corrector combined with the XBow ™ or Crossbow ™ device.  Much of Dr Millers work in this area has been published in leading orthodontic journals and can be viewed on the XBow website

Orthodontic Team having fun with new technology.


We also were the first orthodontic practice in Virginia to use  Inbrace, a faster way to achieve orthodontic results using a truly invisable brace on the inside of your teeth. This new method was first introduced 2 years ago, and Miller Orthodontics now has finished cases and compared to Invisalign ™ ,treatment times are reduced up to 50%.  We also provide minimally invasive Laser soft tissue recontouring and miniscrew use for more effective treatments that often eliminate the need for extractions and/or jaw surgery.  One of the most exciting new technologies are the brackets or braces we use. Our traditional silver braces are plated with rhodium, which leaves a white powdery appearance that is less noticable than traditional silver braces.

One of the most efficient ways to place braces on teeth is a technique used at Miller Orthodontics called Precision Bracket Placement or indirect bonding. Our doctors are well trained in the most advanced way to place brackets with the highest level of accuracy. This benefits our patients 2 ways; The braces go on much faster, and the teeth align faster due to the precision manufacturing and accurate placement.

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