Miller Orthodontics with a member of the Athletic Department.

It’s that time of the year again! The Bird Bowl between Liberty and Fauquier has come and gone, and we had a blast!! This was our 4th year sponsoring this game and donating $1,500 to the Athletic Department. We started sponsoring this game to support the local teams and give back to our community, and we always receive such a warm welcome from both teams. It has really become a tradition we truly enjoy doing!

Prizes for the Spectators

We had beautiful weather this year as a group of our staff members handed out color coordinated team spirit gear for each school. This included pom poms and leis along with temporary tattoos and bubbles for some of the younger spectators. This year we had the opportunity to give away 3 electronic toothbrushes through a drawing and our winners were very excited!

Our New T-shirt Launching Gun

During Halftime, we had a chance to go out on the field and shoot some of our t-shirts into the stands from our new co2 gun. Kelley, our scheduling coordinator, got to try out this new toy launching t-shirts to both sides of the stands! Needless to say, we had some much fun getting people up on their feet before the 2nd half.

Kelley holding Miller Orthodontics' new t-shirt launching gun.

One Big Check to Support Our Kids

After shooting t-shirts our team members Brianna, Chelsea and Marlynn (who are a part of our Clinical Staff) along with Kelley got to go out to the middle of the field and present the check to Dean, the Athletic Director and other members of the Athletic Department. In return this year they presented us with a plaque thanking us for our many years of sponsoring. We will be hanging this plaque in our Records Room! Miller Orthodontics thanks these teams for having us and are very excited to support the Bird Bowl next year and many more to come!

Brianna with the school Principal and Athletics Director receiving the big check from Miller Orthodontics.