Why Choose Miller Orthodontics

What Sets Us Apart?

At Miller Orthodontics, our passion for our patients and our profession shows. We love what we do and feel fortunate every day to provide results and experiences worth talking about. Many area dentists refer their patients, employees, and their own family members to our practice for treatment. Because they see our work first hand, their trust and confidence in our results is the highest compliment they can pay us. Our patients also come to us from referrals of past patients. They have experienced what a new smile can mean to them and they want their friends and family to experience it, too!

What role should my dentist play if I seek orthodontic care from Miller Orthodontics?

Once you seek treatment in our office we take an interdisciplinary approach to your care.  We have found the best results occur when we form an alliance with your general dentist.  Communication of your needs will be provided, such as routine check-ups and timely cleaning appointments during orthodontic treatment, then follow up care and/or additional services such as tooth replacement, whitening or replacement of restorations.

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Have you ever heard someone say “My dentist is also an orthodontist”?

Some people do not understand that there is a difference between a dentist and an orthodontist. The difference is education and experience.   For this reason, we feel it is important to describe these differences.  A qualified orthodontic specialist must first receive his/her doctorate in general dentistry, the same as your family dentist.  Then, they must complete an additional 2-3 years of graduate training in orthodontics at an ADA approved university affiliated program.  You will find general dentists that offer orthodontic services will use the term “orthodontics’ and not “orthodontist’.  To do so, would require additional residency training to be a specialist.  The Commonwealth of Virginia protects the consumer by not allowing general dentists to use the term “orthodontist”, which is allowed only to those who have completed a full time 2 or 3 year residency program.

Family Treatment

In more ways than one, Miller Orthodontics is a family practice.


Family Treatment

The Miller’s take special care to cultivate a family atmosphere in their offices.

Many general dentists attempt to do orthodontic treatment after taking a weekend or night course with  braces or aligners taught by brand name companies such as “6 month smiles” or ” Invisalign”. The problem is that they do not have the education, experience and knowledge required to diagnose and plan then execute treatment thoroughly.  Understanding and avoiding possible complications and offering the best treatment options is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.  Regarding treatment times, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Watch this video.

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